the very best greens superfoods powders of 2024 – [tested]

Spoiler Alert:  Our Winner is undeniable based on price vs functionality!



In today's fast paced world, finding the time to consume a balanced diet packed with essential nutrients can often be a challenge.  That's where greens superfood powders come to the rescue!  The convenient and nutrient-dense powders offer a quick and easy way to boost your daily intake of greens, ensuring you're getting the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs.  In this review, we'll dive into the world of greens superfood powders, exploring their benefits, the top contenders on the market, and ultimately help you find the best option to elevate your health and wellbeing.  So if you're ready to supercharge your nutrition and achieve a vibrant, energized lifestyle, let's explore the best greens superfood powders currently available!

what we’re looking for:

First thing we're looking for is well... GREENS, of course!  When you're looking for ingredients in a greens powder, they can vary, but many include dark, leafy greens that are a great source of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. However, they can also include a plethora of other goodies that you can keep an eye out for when reading the nutrition facts.  Antioxidants, probiotics, natural caffeine, anti-imflammatories are all ingredients you'll want to look for when choosing the perfect greens for your diet.

best greens superfood powders

best overall greens powder-


szn essentials greens

best overall greens powder - szn essentials-greens superfood

$39.99 -30 Servings


  • Digestive, Metabolic, Immune Support
  • Easy to use and mixes great
  • Delicious, Earthy taste with hints of fruit, cinnamon, and turmeric
  • All Natural Ingredients, No artificial flavorings or colors
  • Incredible Price Point - 2 for $39.99
  • Also Includes a Reds Blend
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Only Available online
  • Sells Out Quickly


SZN Supplements' SZN Essentials line is a huge hit as it checks all the boxes we're looking for.  This product provides an incredible greens powder in the form of Barley Grass, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Ashwagandha, Inulin and Green Tea.  This mix also includes a reds blend as well as a digestive and metabolic blend.  This drink provides a nice burst of natural energy, has helped with bloat and tastes great!  A perfectly well rounded superfood powder at an affordable rate! This brand also provides subscribe and save options and discounted options for 3 and 6 month purchases.  The only negative I have seen is that this is only available online and has sold out multiple times in the past. 


Buy one Get One Free - SZN Greens

runner up – ag1 - athletic greens



  • Resealable bag and canister for storage
  • Pretty mild and good taste — sweet and fruity
  • Easy to drink just over cold water
  • Lots of good ingredients
  • Ingredients include daily value percentages and more in-depth information


  • Needs to be mixed very well and drank quickly to avoid separation
  • Higher price point, at around $100

AG1 is probably the most well known product in our review today.  This product is all over social media as well as represented on shows and podcasts.  The packaging is very easy to read and interpret and includes an easy to read ingredients list. This product is loaded with vitamins as well as Spirulina, wheat grass, Chlorella, and more.  This products contains the most ingredients, but the flavor and the cost prevent it from landing the top spot. 

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#3 your super 

your super - gut feeling



  • Great packaging
  • Only six ingredients, and nothing artificial
  • Good price point for the amount you get
  • Easy to drink, with a floral and fruity taste


  • It does separate easily, so best to drink right after mixing.


The first thing we notice is the packaging for this product.  It comes in a nice cannister with an easy open and easily re-sealable lid compared to the AG1 bag.   This product is also straight to the point with only 6 ingredients with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  It has a nice floral, earthy taste which was enjoyable.  It tastes better than the AG1 but doesn't have the ingredients of AG1 and the flavor isn't as good as the SZN Essentials.  Overall this is a quality product and we have it at 3rd. 


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#4 8greens

$28 - 15 sticks


  • Easy to use in pre-portioned packs
  • Decent Taste
  • Eight key greens, plus other vitamins included and packaging reflects daily value percentage and more details


  • Stevia may not be right for everyone
  • Only comes in packs of 15, not a full month supply

I wanted to try 8Greens because the idea of a stick pack to take on the go was a fun concept and I wanted to see how it played out. 


The ingredients are true to the brand, this product does in fact include 8 greens: Kale, Barley Grass, Blue Green Algae, Spinach, Aloe Vera, Wheatgrass, Spirulina and Chlorella.  I thought the packs were a fun concept and convenient and the taste was good as it's flavored with Stevia.  I wish it came in a 30 pack so I could have one for every day without having to order more. 

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#5 bloom greens and superfoods



  • Multiple Flavors
  • Subscribe and Save options
  • 30 different ingredients
  • Soy, Dairy and Gluten Free


  • Significantly underdosed for the cost
  • Doesn't Mix Well without a blender/shaker

I have known many people who have tried this product and it's highly marketed on social media so I decided to try it myself.  The ingredients list was substantial with over 30 ingredients, but the quantities were so small that it doesn't seem to be effective for what it's suggesting.  The taste was good, I tried the mango and enjoyed it, but didn't have any of the other flavors.  Overall, for the hype, it was a disappointment.  I would rather save money on some of these other options that provide higher blend quantities of the ingredients you want.  

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